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Check out our webcasts below from the floor of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles, California. We had a blast bringing you interviews, commentary, and more from prominent partners in your industry.
Day 1 – Varvid WPC Webcast: SBS Solutions

On Day One we spoke with Michael Leworthy (@miclew_sbs), Product Manager on Microsoft‘s Small Business Server team, Dave Sobel (@djdaveet), CEO of Evolve Technologies, Greg Starks, Program Manager for SMB Solutions at HP, and Peter Sandiford (@PeterLPI), CEO of Level Platforms. This mix of Microsoft and HP experts and partners from around the country provides a great forum for discussion of what the partners experience in their day-to-day.

Day 2 – Varvid WPC Webcast: Microsoft Partner Network

Day Two saw an open dialogue on the evolution and importance of the Microsoft Partner Network. Our guests were Dave Seibert of IT Innovators, Nigel Gibbons (@nrg_fx), Senior Microsoft Consultant, York Hutton of Microsoft‘s Partner Network program (@msPartner), and Ro Kolakowski (@Ro_WPC2011) of Sixth Street Consulting.

Day 3 – Varvid WPC Webcast: The Cloud

On Day Three we had a rousing discussion on the development of the cloud, how partners are using the cloud, and how Microsoft would like to see partners using the cloud. Our guests were Javier Abrera of Costa Rica’s ConsulTech, Dave Seibert of IT Innovators, Bryan von Axelson, Partner Technology Advisor on Microsoft‘s TS2 team, and Robert Krauss, Director of Corporate Business Development at Trend Micro (@trendmicro).

Day 4 – Varvid WPC Webcast: WPC Experience

Sadly, on Day Four, the fun had to come to an end. But we still had an intriguing roundtable discussion on what makes WPC the amazing experience it is. Our guests were Frank Coker (@frankcoker), CEO of Coreconnex, Arlin Sorensen (@asorensen), Founder and CEO of HTG Peer Groups (@HTGMembers), Dean Paron (@deanparon), Product Unit Manager for Windows Multipoint Server, and Tiffany Ingargiola (@TiffanyWI), Director of Partner Alliances at New Horizons.



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